Nonprofit Organization, Great Books goes Google!

Chris Sams, February 9, 2012

There is a great joy found in reading, even in the modern age people still want to read and imagine stories.  We have seen the development of the Amazon Kindle and Kindle Fire as well as the Apple IPad that have contributed to making reading easier in the modern age.  You no longer have to go to library or book store to find the book you need and you no longer have to even carry that book around with you.  Today, you can simply download the book onto your electronic reader and boom, you are ready to read!  For those of you like me, who start one book and then another and another, and begin reading all ten books at the same time, this is the best way to go! I can’t really fit ten books in my purse and with my Amazon Kindle I have all of them at my fingertips.  So no matter what mood I am in for the day I can read a wide variety of stories.

This whole thought was triggered when I read this blog today about The Great Books Foundation being transformed into a Google Ap.  The Great Books Foundation encourages reading, thinking, discussion, as well as personal growth throughout the world.  According to Mark Gilligham, Vice President of the Foundation they are thrilled and excited to continually progress with technology.  The Foundation has updated their website several times and have just recently started using the Social Networking program Google+.  They were extremely impressed with Google’s nonprofit program that offers nonprofit groups or foundations the ability to receive funds in an effort to increase their visibility online and therefore get more people to contribute to their cause.  It is a great program that requires applying to the Google for Nonprofits program and waiting for acceptance.

A great local SEO company can help your foundation gain acceptance to the Google Nonprofit program and they can even help you distribute and use your funds wisely so that you get the best results.  An SEO company can help you from start to finish with everything from SEO, to website development, and even an up and coming trend Video marketing!

Congratulations to the Great Books Foundation! We hope more businesses can join this great nonprofit program!

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