As YouTube takes off with advertising and media more and more sports shows are starting to catch on to the video marketing craze.  Sports, like news, can be difficult to post videos of since sports are often happening 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Some of these new sports shows that are popping up on YouTube are the “Bleacher Report,” “Kick TV,” and “The NOC.”  The Bleacher Report focuses on the much more exciting information on sports.  Like which sports start was arrested yesterday, which one is making the most money, and which one attended a red carpet even with Hollywood’s hottest new actress.  Although the information is still focusing on sports stars it has more of an entertaining twist.  This channel also has great shows that are documentaries, which highlight the lives of great sports stars.

The next new channel is Kick TV, this channel focuses on one thing, and one thing only, Soccer! This channel has several videos, newscasts, and streaming video all about soccer players, games taking place all over the world, and even gives some history about the game.  This is great for soccer fanatics who want to watch all the games all around the world but can’t stay up every day until 3am to see them.

The NOC this channel focuses on comedy in sports.  More specifically what sports stars say and sometimes even comedy sketches acted out by athletes.

If you are new to the marketing world including Denver marketing you should visit YouTube and set up a membership.  You can program several different channels into your homepage and watch many different types of episodes all the time.  If you have a company and want to start your own YouTube channel, any Denver SEO company can help you come up with a great concept that will start bringing in visitors to your website.