Out of all of those in the United States using a cell phone, 35% of the mobile devices are smartphones. Smartphones have changed the way people gain information. Instead of being able to access information while remaining stationary at your home or work computer, consumers are now searching for information with the help of their cell phones at any given time.  Over the past two years, Google has seen tremendous growth in their search engine activity. The increased activity can be due to the 300 million smartphone shipments and doubled activity in smartphone usage during the year of 2010.

From an online marketing and SEO  standpoint, the searches performed on mobile devices are both similar and different from the searches performed on a PC. All searches are performed for the sole purpose of gaining information. Whether a consumer is on a PC or their smartphone, they are hoping to gain insight on a particular topic or interest. With mobile and online searches is it easy track certain trends in consumer searches. A major trend year after year is the increased search for “flowers” on Mother’s Day. Information similar to this offers a great deal of advertising power to companies everywhere.

Smartphones can uncover even more specific trends in consumer searching. Although PC searches occur typically during the day while people are at work, mobile searches occur mostly during the evenings and weekends while consumers are out-and-about. Restaurant and movie theater inquiries, along with other themes of infotainment, have shown their predominance in mobile searches. These search trends allow marketers to attract specific spenders within their search radius. For example, if an individual is near the Downtown area of a city and searches for restaurant options to dine at, the results list will contain conveniently located restaurants that the individual can easily navigate to.

The next phase in mobile searching could very well be a growth in mobile advertising rates. Mobile coupons are gaining popularity with the help of mobile applications, but there are speculations that mobile coupons are only taking shape.

For the future of online marking and SEO, mobile searching and PC searching could be two different worlds for now. However, smartphones and mobile capabilities are considered by some experts to still be in the early stages. Denver SEO, Inc. continues stay educated on upcoming trends in SEO within the PC and mobile world in order to guarantee our clients the most advanced and modern services.