Mobile Advertising ... Are You Ready For It?

Chris Sams, January 26, 2013

As mobile advertising is becoming more and more popular, we now have the options to decide where is the best place to advertise. Social media sites are all the rage these days, but also the most complex in finding tactics for better ROI. Twitter is one of these sites where advertisers are flocking to, but is it worth it?

Device targeting is becoming the best feature most advertiser are using to market their campaigns. Direct marketing campaigns in Twitter include a call to action with the goal of a form completion on the landing page.

Recent surveys have showed that people who advertise in mobile devices vs desktops have a 60 percent drop in conversions. Users are still getting use to the idea of mobile Ads, and advertisers are finding the correct strategy to not be intrusive.

Other findings from the surveys include:

  • Cost per engagement doubles on campaigns targeting desktops, but only results in half the engagement rate.
  • Click-To-Visits ratio is higher on Desktops than on mobile devices . On desktops, they are finding that if a user clicks on a Tweet he or she will follow through and go to a landing page rather than a mobile user.
  • And of course, users on desktops have a higher conversion rate than mobile users, by far.

If your talking about the lowest cost per acquisition in targeted campaigns, its better to go with Desktops than mobile devices. If your goal is to fill out a form for a conversion, users using mobile devices find it inconvenient to type on the small keyboards.

The process to conduct this experiment was to set up two promoted tweet campaigns with identical set-up options except for the device targeting.

When maximizing the performance of your Twitter advertising, be sure to take a scientific approach for testing your campaigns to determine what works and what doesn’t for driving down spend.

Unlike most paid channels that have long planning, set-up and implementation cycles, Twitter advertising offers more flexibility to test and refine new campaigns almost instantaneously. This gives marketers a unique opportunity to be responsive and actionable as the campaign are launched and generating results.

The question these days is if we are ready as advertisers to compete in a very picky market. But with tablets and smartphones increasing user-ability everyday, we need find solutions to what may the new standard of advertising. Learning strategy and tactics for this path is a matter of trial and error for now. One day hopefully, someone will write the book on mobile advertising and make it the best solution possible for advertisers and big and small.


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