Mobile Ads to reach $2.6 billion in 2012

Chris Sams, March 8, 2012

A recent study done by eMarketer, revealed that mobile ad spending is expected to grow past $2.6 billion in 2012. This is due to the rapid growth of mobile phones, smart tablets and the advancement of Google’s mobile search advertisement business. These numbers have been doubling the past couple years and this year will be no different. There was an estimated $1.4 billion last year, spent in the U.S. alone, representing an 89% increase compared to 2010. At this point, Google dominates the mobile ad sector with $127.5 million in revenue last year; this means that they held 24% shares over all U. S. ad revenue. But this does not mean the race is over. Both Apple and Millennial have a healthy $90 million U.S. businesses, so Google has the biggest portion, but that does not mean it cannot change. These numbers should be a great eye opener for anybody in the Internet marketing world. Mobile optimization should play a big role in everybody’s internet marketing campaign, along with other techniques such as video marketing. because, as we can see above, more and more people are turning to their smart phones or tablets in order to find products and services. We live in a culture where we need everything fast, from food to banking, we expect things on the go and we get very impatient if it does not happen that way. That is the reason why smart phone have such great numbers, people are constantly on the go and as funny as it may sound, we sometimes do not have the time to seat in front of a computer and search for what we need. We prefer ads for products to come to us so it makes our lives easier. Mobile optimization should be a part of your strategy, as well as local SEO, Social Media and Pay Per click.

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