Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2018

Chris Sams, December 7, 2017

The marketing trend successes and failures in 2017 were fascinating to watch. Everything from augmented reality to video content made its way into thought leaders’ prediction lists. Now it’s time to see what’s coming up for 2018 so you can properly prepare.

Leveraging the Internet of Things for Marketing

The internet of things is a rapidly growing market, reaching a predicted $772.5 billion in 2018. These connected devices take many forms, from smart sensors in industrial machines to voice-activated assistants in consumer homes. Keep an eye on marketing opportunities available to you through IoT hardware, such as a third-party app marketplace or integration with related technology.

Digital and Traditional Integration

The modern buyer’s journey looks like someone scribbled on a whiteboard. Consumers jump between channels with ease and choose the most convenient ones. Integrate digital and traditional channels to improve the customer experience and gain better buyer insights. Accurate attribution allows your company to understand which marketing campaigns perform well.

Implementing Machine Learning

Machine learning has widespread applications in marketing. Chatbots can handle basic customer interactions with the help of natural language processing. Websites get personalized content to deliver the right articles for a particular customer buying stage. Many marketing platforms use this technology for automation and customization. Look into the marketing-related machine learning functionality offered by your current solutions

Catering to the Mobile Majority

Smartphones and tablets see more internet activity than desktops and laptops, yet many companies fail to present a strong mobile experience. You need to do more than ensure your digital marketing collateral looks good on smaller screens. You also need to execute mobile-first strategies that capture these viewers during important micro-moments.

Staying Transparent

Competing on price is not realistic for companies operating in a global marketplace. The good news is that you don’t need to. Today’s buyers want to spend their money at places that match their values and ethics. Embrace authenticity and transparency in your marketing to embody this approach.

You never know exactly what’s around the corner, but these trends are likely to get a lot of attention in 2018. Contact the experts at JEMSU to stay ahead of the curve in 2018.


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