Long lasting SEO

Chris Sams, May 4, 2012

With every algorithm update there are many companies that rise to the top and many Search Engine Companies that quickly disappear. As we all know, now days, Google calls the shots when it comes to the Internet and the rest have no option, but to follow and quickly adapt to these changes. Unfortunately, many website owners suffer the consequences of hiring companies that using “black hat” techniques, can quickly push up rankings, but algorithm updates happen, and they get penalized or DE-indexed from them search engines. I personally do not believe that Google is against Search Engine Optimization, but I strongly believe that they are after marketing companies who manipulate the system in order to provide clients with higher rankings. Relevancy and authority on a website, should always be determined by, not only the content on the site itself, but also by how many legitimate articles, blogs, links and referrals point back to that site. This was not Google’s last algorithm change and even though there is many scam artists out there, who believe that they will always be able to find their way around, it will not be too long until the “Big G” catches up to them. Long lasting Denver SEO means playing by the rules, even if we do not like them.

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