Written by: Sean Hakes

I’m sure you’ve noticed, Google has cracked down ‘BIG TIME‘ on spam and if you’ve found your website has dropped significantly – you’re not alone.

Over the past few days blogs and forums have been running ramped with discussions on websites rankings with significant losses which is why it’s important when hiring a Denver SEO company you connect with one who has a natural, holistic approach with in-depth knowledge of SEO.

Unfortunately everyone today is an search engine optimization expert and it’s these claims that harm the unsuspecting business owner into trusting in something that is nothing less than someone who may know a few acronyms.

At Sean Hakes.com we invest in only the best talent and firmly believe a true internet marketing expert has in-depth technical understanding of web development, server administration and additional web based technologies.

Today, too many people pick up a book about search engine optimization from the local bookstore and sell it for top dollar which in most cases end in the unsuspecting business owner being penalized for spam or outdated tactics.

If you feel that your website has fallen victim to these tactics, give our internet marketing experts a call at 720-545-1555 for a free, no pressure evaluation of your website and your prior online marketing campaign.