Let's Get Siri-ous

Chris Sams, May 19, 2012

Unless you’ve been shipwrecked or something for the last year, you’ve probably at least been around someone having a mildly interesting conversation with their iPhone. Of course the “person” they’re talking to is a gal we’ve come to know as Siri. So what’s it good for? And why are Samuel L. Jackson and Zoe Deschomething or other trying to convince us that we’re losers if we aren’t using Siri to plan our lives?

Well it appears that even though Siri was originally just a beta product, it is here to stay. This means if you’re a business owner of any kind, you should probably embrace the newest way to interact with a search engine. You don’t necessarily have to pull a Sam and get one so you can have you’re very own conversation about “Hotspatcho” –  but let’s just take a few moments to review how you CAN ensure that you’re business is best positioned to be found if Siri ends up searching for YOU.

1. Be Certain You have an Up-To-Date & Optimized Business Listing on Yelp.com.

  • To get directions to any place in Siri, you must have a business listing in Yelp
  • If Siri is asked to find the best of something – It uses Yelp ratings as a main sorting factor
  • If Siri is asked for the closest of something – Yelp data is sorted by distance from your location

2. Develop a Comprehensive, Optimized Google Places Listing

  • If someone uses Siri to search for information about your business, your comprehensive Google Places profile will likely be at the top of the search engine results page (SERP). Your accurate business address will enable Google Maps to send people directly to your doorstep.

3. Get Your Keywords Optimized

  • a Google SERP will still be important when SERPs are shown – As mobile becomes more and more prominent however, it will become even more important to hold either a 1st or 2nd place listing as these will likely be the two results that show up the most above the fold on the Siri search results.

So as you can you see, even if there’s no plans to have Siri in your life in the immediate future, it’s isn’t a bad idea to embrace the process and place your business in the best position to be found. No matter who or what is searching for you.

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