Kony 2012 Video – Pay Attention Video Marketers!

Chris Sams, March 12, 2012

With the newest YouTube video campaign that is taking the world by storm, Kony 2012, is helping a great cause while demonstrating the power of video in today’s society.  Video marketing is a technique that several Internet marketing and SEO companies take advantage of to help websites build their rankings.

The video that discusses the man Joseph Kony, who is the leader of the LRA in Africa, is gaining thousands of views everyday on YouTube.  Kony is most well known for as the leader of the LRA, taking children from their families and forcing them to do horrible things.

Some things that are being noticed by video marketers are that typical qualifications for a video to succeed are proving to be very different for tis video.  The biggest thing is that YouTube videos are known for being quite short, this video is approximately thirty minutes long.  This just shows that there are other techniques that can make videos successful for online viewing.  First, most videos do not go viral.  Most of the time a video will be one of two things, unimpressive or something we want to watch again and again.  Just because a video might be something that we want to watch over and over, doesn’t mean that it is the most shared video.  Next, videos that make us laugh, cry, shock, or anger us tend to be more positive.  Clearly Kony 2012 is a movie that plays on people’s emotions of sadness and disgust, therefore helping to spread the word about it and promote people to watch it to see why someone else had that reaction.  Lastly, have you ever noticed how fast a video spreads that makes you laugh?  It is shared and spread much faster than one that makes you cry.  The Kony 2012 video may make you cry but they end on a positive message resulting in people feeling a want to help.

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