Keys to Writing a Clickable Title

TeamJEMSU, May 4, 2018

Boring titles are invitations for readers to skip your article and move on to the next. This is why it’s extremely important to create titles that are eye-catching and clickable.

7 easy ways to write entertaining blog titles

Sound like your audience

If you’ve ever visited a website like Cosmo, you’ll definitely have come across the “What no one tells you about…..” titles. These titles are young and create a sense of mystery around the topic which arouses the reader’s curiosity. A post on LinkedIn may contain articles that are entitled “Smart strategies to….” An article like this sounds very professional and to-the-point.

When drafting a title, keep in mind the end reader and write with a tone that your readers will actually use in real life.

Use a keyword everyone’s searching for

2017 saw words like ‘google translate’, ‘weather’, ‘calculator’, ‘craigslist’ and ‘restaurants near me’ form part of the list of Top 100 keywords used on search engines. Some of these words have as many as 45 million searches per day.

Using these words in your title will improve your search-ability online and will also increase the chances of making your title clickable.

Leverage the power of adjectives and verbs

Adjectives like ‘stunning’, ‘brilliant’, ‘amazing’, ‘super easy’ and verbs like ‘run’, ‘kill’, ‘tear’ are magnets for clicks. They highlight the power of the article and inform the readers about the extraordinary end results they can achieve by following the instructions in the articles.

Examples could be: “These super easy hacks can save your life” or “Mr. A’s new line of footwear is something we’ll kill for: What about you?

‘List’ out what your article is about

Research shows that 36% of readers prefer list-based articles to other types of articles. If you have written a list-based article, you could use the ‘listing’ technique in the title too. Instead of saying “Ways to keep your hair frizz-free”, you could write “5 unbelievably easy ways to keep your hair frizz-free”.

Showcase the value your readers will get by clicking the title

Is your article about navigating a bad makeup day? If yes, come straight to the point. By telling people upfront the value you intend to offer through your article, you’re setting expectations and promising to meet them. If there’s any reader specifically looking for such an article, the chances of his/her clicking on the title are greater.

A good title could be, “3 ways to correct your ruined eyeliner wings in seconds”.

Educate or strike fear

One of the best ways to get people to click on your title is to write an engaging and shocking headline. Instead of entitling your article “Symptoms of dermatitis”, you could say “This lady found her skin peeling off and you won’t believe what her prognosis was”. It’s shocking, yes. But it’s also effective.

If it’s educational, you could entitle the same article as “5 signs to look for when checking for dermatitis”.

Be controversial

Want instantaneous attention? Write something scandalous. One of the best ways to get title clicks is to head the article with something that’s too hard to believe. Aimee Odgen’s shocking article “10 reasons men shouldn’t be helping their wives with the housework” that almost took down the internet, is a great example.

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