JEMSU Launches Blood Company Website

Chris Sams, March 25, 2013


Advanced Transfusion Services (The Blood Company) is a fast-growing medical services company based in the Pacific Northwest. They recently approached JEMSU to help them market their innovative services blood transfusion services to hospitals and surgeons around the US.


  • Update the company’s branding to match their innovative approach to blood management
  • Build an appealing, easy-to-use website on a platform with a straightforward CMS
  • Guide site visitors through understanding the benefits of complex medical products and services


  • We kept the key elements of their branding intact, but used more modern fonts and created a dynamic mark that suggests movement.
  • Calling out key benefits in the homepage slideshow breaks down the complex pitch to hospitals and surgeons.
  • We created custom sections for patients, hospital administrators and surgeons, walking them through the information as it is relevant to each audience.
  • To make the back-end easy for our clients to update, we build websites on the WordPress platform. WordPress is used by many of the world’s top companies.

Check out the live site to learn more about Advanced Transfusion Services.

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