Is Pinterest a tool for SEO?

TeamJEMSU, September 20, 2013

In today’s world of social media, sites like Youtube, Facebook and even Pinterest has become a portal for people to find information.  Unlike the traditional search engine models like Google and Bing, these social network site work as secondary search engines. Want to learn how to install a car battery?  Search for an informative instruction video on Youtube.  Looking for an unique and interesting costume for your kid this Halloween, log on to Pinterest for festive ideas.  The information is out there, but to harness the powers of sites like Pinterest you need to know how to properly optimize for it. 

Just like a traditonal SEO strategy , the process begins with keyword research.  However, there is not a current tppl that uncovers keyword demand in Pintererst, but you can use another software like Google Keyword Planner  as a proxy for searches on Pinterest. Once you have determined what keywords are searched the most or are the most relevant to your product it is time to start creating and optimizing.

First you will need to optimize pinner profiles.  Always make sure to set up your profile using a Pinner name that will represent the brand well.  Your profile name will be used in the Url for the profile page,  and the title tag.  Which will impact the SEO for  the traditional search engines in addition to Pinterest. Also, you will want to make sure your profile includes the name, and location keywords to help the brand on a local search level in additon to adding your url to your other sites as well.

Next you will want to define the content of your boardss.  Make sure that each board has a meaningful, decriptive and relevent title that includes the keywords.  Always make sure your boards are relevent to your brand, the more precise the better. You do not want to have a lot of boards that have no running theme or relevance to the topic at hand.

In addtion, you will want to choose your pins based on your keyword research. Pins are often used as the default view in a Pinterest search, so it it vital that the Pins are strongly aligned with the phrases people will be searching for.

Also, please keep in mind the Pinterest is first and foremost a visual medium.  As such consumers will judge Pins, Boards and Pinner Profiles based on their overall look, meaning that if your profile does not draw the eye, or pique peoples interest you will loose them.  So it is impertanent to use images that excite and illicit some positve behavior in the consumer.

Once you have your Pins, Boards and Profile properly optimized it is now time to gain followers, repins and likes. The more followers, repins and likes  a profile has the better authority it recieves, which helps the profile climb the rankings in Pinterest. Which in turn make it much more likely for people to find your brand.

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