Is Pay Per Click right for you?

Chris Sams, March 21, 2012

Have you ever heard of PPC? PPC stands for Pay Per Click and this is another form of Internet marketing. This is the process in which you could promote a website through paid advertisement on different search engines. Most search engines have very similar programs but obviously the most famous is Google’s AdWords. Ads on most search engines, work on the same format, which is a Pay Per Click model, this means that you only pay when users actually click on your ads and not on impressions, which is when your ads show up as a search result. Many business owners often choose to advertise using this tool in addition to Optimizing for Organic results, which is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. With Pay Per Click you have the freedom to create your own adds and you can even choose when they are displayed. Before I got into this industry, all I knew about Pay Per Click, were bad things. How it is addictive and it can get really expensive, really fast, and although these statements are not too far from the truth, these are the results of campaigns which are not set up correctly. The keywords are not targeted correctly and sometimes not enough ads to go with those keywords. Pay Per Click is the kind of Internet marketing tool you would want to use, if your goal is to have you phone ringing right away. But should never be taken as your only tool, especially if you are working with a lower budget, because once that budget runs out, so will your online presence. I have seen several clients spend thousands of dollars and have some return on investment, but the most successful ones, are the ones that combined local SEO as part of their marketing strategy.

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