Is digital marketing the lifeblood of modern retail?

Chris Sams, December 7, 2016

Technology and the retail industry have evolved greatly over the years. Nowadays, the barriers for entering the marketplace are low. As a result, online shops are receiving more visitors than physical ones and consumers are completing their transactions in many ways. This means that times are quite challenging for the modern retailer.

They have had to evolve fast and adapt their ways of operation to succeed in this marketplace. However, some businesspersons are not moving fast enough and are thus going out of business. The challenges for the modern retailer include:

  • Growth of online shopping – customers are very comfortable with online shopping. This forces physical stores to update their techniques to ensure that customers are satisfied offline as well.
  • Multiplying channels – a consumer can now shop online through their Smartphone or visit a physical shop. This brings more competition between online and offline stores.
  • Unpredictability of customers – a retailer cannot depend on the loyalty of a consumer anymore. The online world has brought numerous possibilities that allow the shopper to look for the best value. Reputation is also harder to maintain because consumers are quick to complain on social media platforms.
  • Great expectations – with increased internet access, consumers expect to have their purchases faster and easier thanks to a seamless shopping experience.

How to bridge the gap between shoppers and retailers

The link between sales and marketing is more solid in retail than in other industries. Moreover, the mercurial nature of customers makes the establishment of direct links very important. The main advantage of this technological age is the creation and storage of data concerning consumer shopping habits. To succeed amidst all the competition, retailers must use this data efficiently.

If a retailer is successful, he can create a highly targeted and relevant campaign. Therefore, it is important for retailers to engage people at the right time using the right content.

In this world where retailers need to work hard to maintain their customer base, it is important that they develop a strong capability for digital marketing. As a retailer, you would want to identify the right consumer data, analyze it, and learn from it. This will enable you to come up with the actionable insights needed to deliver a flawless customer experience. To put it simply, if you fail to invest in personalization, you will be killing your own business.

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