Creative Map Designs


In web design for retail or service businesses, it is fairly common practice to embed a google map into the footer so that site visitors can easily get directions to the company's physical location. Lately we've been getting a bit more creative with how we design the maps, still linking to Google Maps but creating our own beautiful thumbnail that matches the look and feel

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The Evolution of Apple Computers


As we move most of our digital world onto tablets and phones, I'm feeling a little nostalgic about the journey of the desktop. As one on the Mac side of the Apple/PC battle, I did a little research on the evolution of Apple computers. Discloser: I pulled all my information, including the images I illustrated from, from a 2012 post on the alphabytesoup blog. Looks

The Evolution of Apple Computers 2013-02-24T22:24:19+00:00

Five Outstanding Infographics


As a designer, one of the most difficult (and most satisfying) challenges is organizing large amounts of information into clear, visual arrangements. We take complex ideas and portray them in digestible pieces, shed new light on them, guide people through a discovery process and invite them to draw conclusions. There are some fantastic sources of inspiration out there with designers really pushing the boundaries of

Five Outstanding Infographics 2013-02-14T17:33:18+00:00
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