Identifying the Symptoms

Chris Sams, March 19, 2012

So tell me, where does it hurt? My doctor asked the other day as I was slowly trying to move my leg. I was playing basketball the night before and since I had not played at all for the last few months, I over did it and now I was suffering for it. Turns out I pulled a muscle on my right leg and in order to treat it, I have to let it rest, take some medicine and practice a few stretching exercises. The more I think about it, Internet marketing consulting, should be a very similar process. There are too many companies out there who believe that one tool or product could solve all your business’ marketing problems, and they never take the time to understand the symptoms and what is causing the problem in the first place. My doctor did not prescribe anything to me or recommend a treatment just because he saw me limping. On the contrary, he took X-rays and asked several questions about my pain, how it felt, where it hurt and even what I was doing. In the same way, no one should walk into your office and say: “You need Search Engine Optimization” or “You need Pay Per Click” There has to be a time of analysis, a time when your consultant focuses on your Internet marketing symptoms, pain and even history, in order to determine what the best tool or product is for you. Your internet Marketing campaign should not be a one size fit all type of strategy, because you might need only one tool or your might need several, and the only way to find out, is by being looking at your consultant as the doctor for your symptoms. Whether it is local SEO, PPC, video marketing or Social Media, they should be able to identify what would help you.

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