How well do you know Social Media

Chris Sams, April 4, 2012

If your are going to use Social Media as a tool for your Internet marketing campaign it is crucial you understand how it works and how it benefit your business or in some cases, not make a difference. There are several Social Networks out there, with about three of the dominating the market and a bunch that follow. Obviously, Facebook is the biggest of all monsters, but Tweeter and Google+, are right up there with it; and let us not forget the one that is well on its way, Pinterest. With all of these options out there, it would take a full time person to create a page for each site and maintain them. In case you are wondering, the answer is NO; you do not have to have a page on every single one of these sites! The best move, would be to research your audience, and find out where most of them hang out, and open a page on those sites. It is proven that even though most people have more than one social media account, most of them only use one of them, on a regular basis. All of these Social sites are somewhat different, so they might serve different purposes for you. My second recommendation, is that once you have figure out which one would work best for you, make sure there is a constant effort on posting fresh content. By fresh, I mean content that is relevant to your industry and that will keep followers engaged. This is the very reason why it would not benefit your business to have several different pages, because if you are not constantly updating and posting, an inactive page would not create more followers. Social Media is a tool that can work even better combined with another great tool like local SEO.

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