How To Produce More Quality Content, More Quickly

TeamJEMSU, April 28, 2014

Content marketing is still a relatively young SEO tool. There are various elements that marketers still need to work out and one major issue is production. Quite a number of digital marketing blogs and social media sites implement standard content marketing practices. However, such websites still fail to address the nuts and bolts of efficient and effective content marketing, which is vital for any SEO campaign. 

Website owners can produce more quality content at a faster rate by following certain strategies, some of which include:

Ensuring that production managers stay focused on management.

It is almost impossible for one person to handle all the aspects of content marketing. It requires high-level strategy writing, proofreading, editing, analytics and social media. In reality, there are too many elements involved in content marketing for one person to deal with. It requires different individuals with different skill sets in order to achieve the goals and objectives set out.

The process of content marketing may be divided into three main levels of responsibility:

-Strategy: This is the C-suite, Director or VP’s task.

-Production Management: This is the Editorial Manager task.

-Writing and Proofreading: This is the work of contractors and other staff.

As a manager, you will have to stay focused, provide feedback to writers, attract top quality staff and practice effective delegation. This is only way to achieve effective content marketing and other SEO strategies. 

Work with a number of freelance writers, but keep a few.

Most business owners don’t realize that the market is filled with a huge number of freelance writers. As result, you have to pick the ones that have the skill sets you require. The process of finding these writers is always evolving and you have to stay up-to-date with what is happening in the industry. Having too many writers is simply ineffective, so don’t do it. If you don’t know where to start, you can find a viable writer on Craigslist.

Provide writers with a reason to stay around.

Apart from a paycheck, freelance writers require extra motivation to stay. You have to provide them with a feeling of excitement that will motivate them to steer the business in the right direction. Writers who feel that they have room for creativity are more likely to stick around as opposed to the ones who don’t.

Convey content goals in a clear manner to each team member, especially the writers.

You might have clearly defined goals, but if you don’t communicate them to your staff, they can’t be realized. You have to ensure that every team member knows what the overall objective of the business is, especially the freelance writer. This is a crucial aspect for the success of your business.

Employ the use of Google Drive.

Every writer needs to use Google Drive when submitting their content. This helps to make the editing process easier and eliminates the constant email attachments and updated versions. In addition, Google Drive’s inline comments foster more efficient collaboration.

Follow through.

You have to set realistic content production objectives for all the members of your team. Demand for quality and you will find that effective content flows naturally. You don’t have to beat your competition with volume, a short blog post can move mountains if it can strike the right chords with your target audience.

So remember, it’s not just about working hard, but also working smart. The two go hand-in-hand when it comes to effective content marketing.

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