How to Make Your SEO and Content Teams Work in Harmony

TeamJEMSU, March 13, 2017

Due to the growth of the internet, SEO and content marketing are among the top marketing tools that businesses have at their disposal. Before most people buy an item or use a service, they likely search for information about that service or product online—whether it is to check out reviews or find out where to buy the item. Most people rely on search engines, such as Google to search for information. Search engines display results in order. For a company or business to rise to the top of search engines, they must use strong SEO and content marketing practices.

SEO Versus Content Marketing

Every major search engine ranks search results based on what they consider most relevant to users. Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, refers to a set of techniques that is used to help optimize content so that it comes up first in search engines. As most people don’t bother to scroll past the first page of search results, having content that ranks high in search engine results is vital for any business.

Content marketing refers to producing valuable, high-quality content that is relevant to your audience. Content refers to articles, blog posts, videos, website content, and infographics. It encompasses content that you use to engage your target market.

Content marketing and SEO are very different. SEO is much more technical than content marketing. Also, the two disciplines have different goals. Search engine optimization attempts to improve your company’s visibility in search engine results. Content is used to attract new customers, provide information and establish your brand’s identity.

The best approach for a marketer or a brand is to ensure that SEO and content teams work together. Any successful marketing campaign relies on a cohesive team.

Create Content That Will Skyrocket to the Top of Search Engines

Your content team and SEO team must work together to create quality, original content. People that search the internet for information want quality results, and the major search engines try to provide this by displaying valuable content at the top. High-quality content has a higher SEO value than low-quality articles, blogs, and useless information. Provocative, original blog posts, infographics, and articles rank higher in search engines than content that doesn’t add anything new.  Therefore, content and SEO teams should work together to produce relevant content that has real SEO value.

Boost the Ranking of Content with Keywords

It is critical that your content and SEO team work together to use keywords in a way that will increase the ranking of content. Your SEO team should know which keywords to incorporate into the content to improve search engine rankings and visibility. Loading up an article with keywords with no regard to whether or not they flow within the content is known as “keyword stuffing” and is penalized heavily by search engines. Therefore, your content and SEO team must work together to figure out a way to weave the keywords naturally into the content so that it sounds natural.

It is evident that content and SEO teams must collaborate if they want to produce engaging content that will shoot to the top of search engine results. The above tips will help your SEO and content teams work more efficiently together.

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