How to Conduct PPC Testing

Chris Sams, March 7, 2012

Any PPC company who wants to conduct split testing often has some very large problems.  They either have no idea what to do, or too many ideas of what to do.  So here are a few ideas that any Internet marketing company or Local SEO company should be able to come up with several ideas on what to split test.

Having too many or too few ideas for split testing can be a huge problem for your PPC campaign so it is important to gather several ideas and eliminate some.  You never want to be completely left without any ideas but you also don’t want to have so many you can’t keep them straight.

A great technique for several campaigns in the world of Internet marketing is to start very broad and get very specific.  This can be done with any SEO or PPC technique from video marketing to mobile optimization.  When considering ideas the best way I have learned is everyone writes their ideas on a big board.  Then you can begin by erasing ideas that are alike, immediately disliked by the entire group, etc.  From there you can start a discussion and debate which ideas would be the best.  This often gets the brain flowing and thinking about what other ideas there might be.

Lastly, it is important to consider the campaign and company you are working on.  You want to understand where they have come from, what they do, who they are, what they sell, where they are located, and why they are in this line of business.  Brainstorming about these different items can help to expand on ideas as well and bring new ones to the table.  Testing takes a lot of time and fine tuning to finally get it right, so patience is a must when beginning this process.

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