How To Build The Best Content Marketing Team.

Chris Sams, January 17, 2014

According to a recent report by the Content Marketing Institute 60% of business to consumers marketers predict their content marketing budgets will increase in the year 2014.  We have all heard the phrase “content is king”, well 2014 is looking to cement that phrase into webosphere.  It is this belief that has been propelling content marketers to adjust their strategies and craft their content accordingly.  For most this means creating content for the short term attention spam that is the internet audience.  In order to create innovative and captivating content is requires a strong team of professionals.  SO what makes a strong content marketing team?

First you need build a stellar team of writers, seeders, editors , and data analysts.  You will also want to round out this team with sales and customer service representatives.  While each strategy is different based on the client each of these position provides an invaluable expertise.

The first position in your content marketing position will be the writers.  All writers worth their salt will know how to speak the language of the internet and how to capture the readers attention.   You should comprise your team with writers who can craft compelling content that captures the best first impression or the best interation with your prospective customers.

Next, you will want to connect with movers and shakers in the social media world.  These influencers are called seeders and they are the people who will push your content to new heights. These seeders will saturate the most relevant niches of social networks, making connections with meaningful people in your niche, which then engages them with your brand.

To ensure your strategies are being implemented and your message is clear, you will need to add editors to your  content marketing team.  It is the editor’s job to plan the content by deciding on topic and themes, discovering potential keyword clusters, edit content for accuracy of the message and tone.  An editor will also introduce new subtle branding opportunites and oversee the collaboration process.

It is also vital to include data anaysts in your team. They are the geniuses that will make sense of all the numbers in your analytic dashboard and provide invaluable insights. These insights are vital in order for companies to reach their success metrics. By working closely with data analysts you will be able to target the right topic/theme that will result in the most signups, clicks or downloads.


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