How To Bounce Back After Penguin

Chris Sams, November 25, 2014

BoxerPenguin 3.0 was released by Google on Oct 17th 2014 ( The impact was on only 1% of queries, and it targeted websites with “spamy” links. The Penguin 3.0 fight against spam links is nothing new, but have an impact on websites that have not made attempts to disavow spam oriented links that were once used 2-3 years ago.  If your website was one of the unfortunate URLs to be impacted by the Penguin 3.0 update & saw a dramatic loss in Search Engine rankings, what can you do to rid your website of these menacing Spam links?”

You can attempt to reach out directly to the referring domains and request that they terminate the link. This is a long a tedious venture that is quite labor intensive and often not fruitful.  A more reliable method is to formally disavow the links with Google directly. This ,in layman terms, is a formal request sent directly to Google indicating to them that you want them to ignore this spam non relevant link or links. In the past, Google’s  response or recognition of the formal disavow would often take weeks or months. Just recently, Google announced that they would now recognize the disavowed links within a week of receiving them.

This is great news but not a guaranteed “quick fix”. In fact, this disavowing process is just part of a slow process to improved search engine rankings & overall link health that will likely follow over time.  No “quick fix “or linking detox will have any lasting impact. A strategized comprehensive &  ongoing SEO strategy that incorporates spam link removal with positive link building strategies to relevant referring domains is a good start.

Disavowing links with Google is often not just a onetime submission as was stressed before. There are often cases where the spam links are automatically generating, and frequently repopulating the website with more spam links. This often happens when the Spam Linking strategies are set to automated link farms.  If this is the case, it is often recommended  to continue scheduled ongoing disavowing  in the process.  Outsourcing your Internet marketing and disavowing spam link support to a reputable Internet Marketing firm that has an “in house” team of SEO Specialists (preferably Google Partners) is highly recommended.

If your website was recently whacked by Penguin 3.0 & took a drastic drop in valuable search engine rankings there are no quick fixes or one time solutions that will net lasting sustainable results, but there is still hope!   Be positive, proactive & consider your URLs return to better ranking and greater SEO visibility a slow strategized SEO process.

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