An article was published early this morning discussing the five ways to create a better business website. Along with optimizing a site, Denver SEO, Inc. encourages clients and businesses to consider these tips.

1. Create a mobile version of your website: This allows visitors to have easy-access to your site while they are on the go. Site users can also more readily share your site with others, which can help increase visitor traffic to your site. If your budget cannot afford a mobile version to your business’s site, it is helpful to ensure that the site is fully handy for a mobile device.

2. Provide extensive, useful information: In providing as much useful information as possible for current or potential clients and customers, you are giving them the tools to receive knowledge about your products or services. With more information on your site, your patrons feel like they matter and will continue to return to your site in the future.

3. Utilize AJAX: This feature allows parts of a webpage to update without completely reloading the entire page. Therefore, AJAX can making browsing a site more immediate and user-friendly. This tip is particularly helpful for sites that sell products and that administer a “shopping cart” feature for customers to products to for purchase.

4. Make gaining help easy for visitors: Despite offering plenty of information for customers and visitors, some people are going to need more. Allow site visitors to be able to contact you from any page within the site. This could be as simple as having a contact button on every page, or having “contact us” in the footer of all pages.

5. Keep it simple and organized: This may seem obvious, but it is unbelievable how quickly and easily a site can become cluttered and confusing to users. Keep all information clean and well-tailored to ensure that visitors can navigate the site effectively. Always ask yourself if you can make the site even simpler to use.