How Much Time do you spend on Facebook?

Chris Sams, March 1, 2012

A recent study showed that in the month of December, 2011, Facebook users spent on average, 25 minutes a day on the site. I can speak for myself as somebody that probably helped this number. I actually spend a little more time on this website, than I probably should. But, how can I stay away? It helps me keep in touch with friends and family, whom I do not have the chance to see on a regular basis. It also allows me to share videos, music, interests and pictures, which I love doing. If you are anything like me, you could probably understand that Social media could be time consuming, but also plenty of fun. We all enjoy going in there and checking out how fat our high school friends are or how many kids they have. We live in a culture where we enjoy being on other people’s business, with reality TV being the main example of that. My point is, as a business owner, it would be absurd of me not to get involved in the “talk.” People, like myself, are constantly sharing different interests and places they like, through these social pages. There is a huge potential to generate new clients through referrals and re-posts on Facebook, and tools within the site like: “check-in” and “Facebook Ads.” If you are doing Search Engine Optimization right now, you have to understand that this Internet marketing tool is shifting into more and more social media references and it is crucial to adapt to this changes. People are doing much more on these social media sites than just communicating, videos are posted for video marketing, and sites are mobile optimized in order for people to use them while on the go.  With people spending in average about a half hour a day, social media has to be on your scope, if not for now, maybe for the near future. Local SEO could bring great results, but I personally believe they could be even greater, if it works in conjunction with Social Media.

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