While reading through the blogs on Google Reader today, I came across one interviewing a woman named Karen Taylor on her business Virtually On Demand.  The interview was meant to explain how social media could end up helping a business that is only online.  Sometimes it helps to see an example of a business that is using this technology to understand how your business can take advantage of it.

A Denver SEO company can help you determine what might be the best social media site for your company.  In this interview Karen, explained how she strategizes in order to connect with more people online through social media.

This woman had some great pointers on managing social media accounts.  First, she explained that she controls the time she spends on each site.  Spending 15-20 minutes on each site, will allow you to get a clear and concise message out while still taking the time to compose it well.  She also suggests that your website is professionally constructed.  By having professionally taken pictures, rich high quality content, and a structure that screams class, your site will appeal to people in a way that makes that want to keep coming back.

She also discussed what the most challenging part of using social media is, reaching the targeted audience.  Trying to figure out who is buying your products, how often, and their changing interests can be very difficult for a business owner.  The interests of your target audience can change from day to day.  To keep up with this it is important take the time to know what is going on in the world so you can relate to your customers.

If you are a business owner in the Denver marketing area, it might be time to start considering social media sites for your company.  They can boost visibility as well as customer volume.