How do the top brands gain success from YouTube

Chris Sams, August 17, 2013

Recently Pixabilty, a YouTube certified marketing and advertising company, released a study called “The Top 100 Global Brands: Key Lessons for Success on YouTube”.   In this study, Pixbility examined how the top 100 global brands like Disney, Google, and Samsung have been using YouTube to market their products.  The study examined key elements of their branding campaign such as how many channels, the frequency of posting, and whether they implement social media effectively.


It is a very interesting and thorough study that is chalk full of insight and education on creating a successful campaign on YouTube. The 33-page study examines both the presence of the top 100 brands on Youtube, as well as the strategies behind them.  From the invaluable insight uncovered in the study, Pixiabilty goes on to discuss the best practices to implement into a video marketing campaign.


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