There are some very closely watched industries that have several companies that are deciding to spend marketing dollars on expanding their social media reach.  Traditional advertising is clearly in the past.  With the new wave of the Internet it is only a matter of time until every company in the world in marketing themselves online.  But what does it mean when companies involving, alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, financial services, and even healthcare and government suddenly have a Facebook where their customers, employees, and anyone else can communicate openly?

A Denver SEO company can help one of these companies in one of these industries make their presence more affective but there are several regulations that companies like these have to follow in order to do anything.  The problem is, many of the regulations apply to things that are much more physical about the company.  An example is the fact that all companies have to be in compliance with handicaps.  This means ramps for the building, lifts for stairs or elevators, etc.  So how does this apply to a business online?  There are certain ways that companies can be compliant including adjusting screen and font size.  But everyone wonders will these regulations really be enforced?  This causes a very big problem for companies involved in Denver marketing and international marketing is the interpretation of these laws for the Internet.  It is not easy to determine how it is best to employ this law for a website or social media site.  So many different people can interpret them in so many ways that it can be very difficult to actually but a law into place online.  There are also several ways for people to get around the laws of the Internet.  All in all, laws and regulations on the Internet can be difficult to tie down so if you are in a company with one of these industries it is important to know the boundaries.