The title of this posting could have immediately caused confusion for many of you readers. What is this “pound-sign” that shows up everywhere: Facebook, on TV, Twitter, at the movie theater following a new film trailer, on posters and signs, and much more?

Welcome to the world of hashtags!! Often referred to as the world’s chat room, hashtags offer online tracking and trend monitoring for all and any possible topics, ideas, emotions, thoughts, well… you get the idea. Ultimately, hashtags offer endless exposure possibilities for businesses and individuals.

Twitter allows hashtags to be used to generate chats among infinite numbers of people online. Companies can create unique hashtag names and conduct chats with customers to answer their questions. Talk about an exceptional customer service option. The online communities and social networks following these hashtags can allow businesses and individuals to track who is making conversation about them and what kind of publicity is being created.

The best way to start using hashtags is to just experiment. A useful tracking site that can be used to monitor the use of specific hashtags on Twitter is We invite you to begin your hashtag experimenting with #denverseoinc and follow us on Twitter to see what we are up to–@denverseoinc.