Government Control over Social Media?

Chris Sams, August 11, 2011

You may have already witnessed and read plenty of online coverage regarding the speculations that the U.S. government may begin monitoring and regulating the activity on social media. Many country officials around the world have imposed laws on the activities that their citizens take part in online.Venezuela, Iran and Cuba are a few of the countries that have enforced limits on the interaction that is allowed by civilians on social media.  The officials do not support the freedom of expression and the spreading of fictitious information that can being circulating on social media.

Time will tell if anything transpires from the talk and rumors regarding governmental regulation and monitoring of social media . As the 2012 election approaches us, social media could very well become a controlled medium by the government.  If the upcoming election candidates are limited to the social media interaction allowed by the government,  this could have a huge effect on the campaign process. The engagement and interaction would be very different from the previous elections.

I am curious to see if the regulations will be set in place for the elections next year. If they are, then I see reason for concern for even more restrictions being places on social media. Until then, utilize the positive qualities and uses for social media. Despite what higher authority leaders and individuals are saying, there is a great deal of good that can come from social media.

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