As we all know by now, Google’s latest algorithm update, called Penguin, come out a few weeks ago to target websites and Search Engine Optimization companies who are not only over optimizing, but that are also engaging in manipulative and frowned upon techniques. Google has made it very clear to all website owners through Web Master Tools, that they are after techniques that are outside their guidelines. Some of these techniques include, but are not limited to: artificial and unnatural links pointing to a site to manipulate page rank. Unnatural links include bought out links or participating on link schemes. Google encourages making changes related to these types of links, as soon as possible in order to avoid penalties. If you are a website owner and realized that over night your rankings have taken a major dip, it is time to make sure the company you have hired to perform services, is staying inside Google’s guidelines to make sure your site does not get penalized or even worst, de-indexed. Google does not hate Search Engine Optimization, but they’re definitely after those who perform Denver SEO by trying spammy and unethical techniques. Unfortunately the number one search engine calls the shots, and whoever does not play by the rules, will suffer for it.