We are only two months in to the year 2012, and already predictions are flying that Google will overtake Facebook in display ad sales in 2013.  This is mostly being predicted because of recent numbers that are being produced.  In 2011 and even 2012 Facebook is ahead of Google by only a few cents, but in 2013, it is predicted that at the current rate Google will barrel by Facebook and take on the lead spot.  What else is important about this? It won’t be by just a few cents anymore it will be a much more significant difference.  If you are working with a Denver SEO company to expand your website’s visibility, it is important to consider switching your Pay Per Click Ads to Google instead of Facebook.

The top five leaders of these ads currently in order are, Facebook, Google, yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL.  That means that these are the top places people are placing ads in order to be seen by more and more Internet visitors.  Facebook has been a great advertising tool for many companies, but with Google taking over the top spot in Ads spaces, we have to wonder if Facebook is on the way out.  In the Denver marketing world there is always something new.  There are several new up and coming social networks that people may be jumping on to instead of turning to Facebook.  This means that ads being placed on Facebook may not be bringing in as many customers as ads placed on Google.  There are definitely a significant number of people on Facebook, but I know a good amount of people that have never gotten a Facebook, never wanted one, erased theirs after college, or have completely forgotten that they even have one.  However, I know that most of these people use Google on a daily basis.  What does this mean? In my own experiences, more people see Google everyday than Facebook, that means that ads placed Google can provide better visibility for a company than ads places on Facebook.