Google “Sources” Area Being Tested

Chris Sams, May 15, 2012

Approximately six months ago, Google began testing a new place for search results that they are referring to called “Sources.”  You might be wondering where these extended search results will appear.  Picture the Google search results page.  To the right side where ads typically appear you might begin to notice Google is once again testing the placement of additional search results and information here.


So how can you see Google’s new experimentation taking place?  It is mostly beginning with movies, actors, music, and television shows.  These items when searched in Google will create the typical search results, which includes the Pay Per Click ads at the very top, followed by the SEO results.  Now, you might find more information on the right side of the screen.  If you are searching for a television show, you might see a brief synopsis of the show, when it first aired, when it ended, the writers, and the actors.  There may also appear pictures of the cast and crew that work on the show.


Google seems to be testing out whether or not this feature on the search results page actually attracts people to click on it.  From what has been seen with their experimentation, it seems that they want to grab the attention of people who are looking for a quick answer or link to what they want.  It could possibly eliminate the need to click on a website and then search the site to find what you want.  So go search for your favorite TV show on Google today, and see what you find!

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