Google has just released a new app.  It is called the Google Search App and is now available for people with Windows cell phones.  It will be available in the Apps store by Windows, called Windows Phone Marketplace.  The app’s goal is to basically provide people with Widows phones, an east access to a Google search.  Unfortunately the designers of this app are not getting good reviews from their users.  Most users are finding the app to not work as well as they’d hoped.  What should be a time saving app has turned out to be more of a pain.  Denver SEO companies have already begun to optimize websites for mobile devices but will this have an affect on how they are being seen by the user.  Websites must be correctly optimized for mobile devices in order for them to appear well on a mobile device or tablet.  If a site is not properly optimized it may not come up on a mobile device, or it may be extremely difficult to view therefore causing more people to turn away from it.  This can drastically hurt a business in the Denver marketing world since most people are viewing things more on the go.

This is not the first time an app released by Google has gone over badly.  The Google Gmail iOS had very negative reviews and was eventually even pulled because of the disappointment of users.  So do we think this Google app will be pulled at well? Apps can be risky especially for mobile devices.  If they are not efficient many times they are left by the wayside.  Google even tried offering the app in different languages including Spanish, French, Italian, and German, but even that doesn’t seem to help with the popularity and negative reviews of the app.