Google Revamping Its Maps Interface Ahead of I/O

Chris Sams, May 8, 2013



Rumors are circulating that Google will be making a major change to its Maps Interface ahead of the big I/O convention. Unofficial News from trusted sites have pronounced that the Web giant is said to be rolling out an update that takes away sidebars and navigational buttons and concentrates more on one big interactive map.

The same sites have also posted images of what the new Maps interface will look like. With no Sidebar, different colors, and new icons on a larger Maps screen, we will be seeing an array of new features in the coming days. Another supposed change is that search results can supposedly be filtered for recommendations by users’ Google+ circles.


We have all seen Google tampering with Maps and its other service sites with added features and such. But, this is the first time Google will be doing a complete revamp of Maps in years which could either be a beneficial thing for many users or a major disappointment for most.

Most sources do not know the exact day of launch, but Google Operating System does note that Google’s I/O is next week and that could be a good time for the company to announce such changes.

Source: CNET

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