Google releases brand tablet

TeamJEMSU, April 3, 2012

As we all know Android (Google’s powered phone) is the IPhone’s main competitor. Although the IPhone has had higher sales numbers over the past couple years, Google continues its efforts to dominate every market, including the Mobile market. In another attempt to do so, Google has recently announced that before the end of this year, it will launch its own Tablet in order to keep the competition going against the famous IPad, Kindle and Sony reader. Google has recently teamed up with Asus to create such tablet, to create a more “budget friendly” tablet, which would be in the same price range as the Amazon Kindle Fire. This is also Google’s second attempt at creating its own online store to sell products to clients directly. The first attempt was in 2010 when they partnered up with Nexus One, but unfortunately, the lack of consumer interest led the company to give up mere months after it opened. Google already has a couple tablets out there, but none of them are branded, they are all under Google’s “existing partners” such as Samsung and Asus. This is very important for every website owner to know because as Google gets more and more competitive on the Mobile world, websites need to be optimized, in order to be user friendly for all types of users, regardless of what device they use. Mobile Optimization should be a part of your strategy if you want to make sure you are not missing out on potential clients who prefer to use a tablet or smart phone as their primary source of information and internet access, which the percentage for this type of users, is increasing dramatically everyday. Mobile optimization is a great tool, just like many others, including local SEO, Pay Per Click, Social Media and even Video Marketing.

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