Google Places Optimization

Chris Sams, February 23, 2012

Google Places is becoming a critical component to your business.  It is crucial that your business can be located easily and efficiently when searched for on Google.  There are a large number of people who search for something on Google in order to find where they can go buy it, see it, smell it, or learn something.  A local SEO company can help ensure that your business’ location is correct and will be spotted by several visitors.

It is important first off to claim your business’ address and from then on continue to keep it up to date.  A Google places location is critical for a business that sells tangible products from stores to customers.  It can be a huge problem for your business if someone searching for your address finds the wrong address.  This will typically cause frustration in your customer and lack of wanting to return or try again to find your business.  So, avoid that from the start by taking advantage of claiming your Google places.

So since this is so important to your business, Google has introduced a way to keep your business up to date on Google places.   If for any reason someone goes to Google places and discovers that the information for your business is incorrect they can update it.  That means that you don’t have to be the account holder to update the address or phone number.  If someone does this, and updates any of your information, an email will be sent to the registered email address of the person that the account belongs to.  Then the account owner can confirm the change and the information will be updated.  This is very important and helpful to several business owners who in the midst of regulating social media, video marketing, and several other aspects may forget to update their address information .

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