Ouch.., so you’ve just been brought to realization that your website just might have been hit by a ‘Algorythem Refresh,’ that targets web spam and you might not even be the one to blame… The fact is, more and more business around the nation have been slammed by what we refer to in the industry as ‘Google Penguin’ and ‘Google Panda,’ a series of algorithm updates that are designed to target and remove spamy web tactics both on-site and off-site (link building etc…) but do not fear, we can help.

Hear me out for a moment. Google Panda and Google Penguin is without a doubt one of the best things to happen to the industry. Sure, you might be panicking because your web traffic has flat lined but it’s okay, we can help.

My name is Sean Hakes and I’m your SEO consultant and perhaps your best friend.

Call me at the office (yes you can really ask for me) and let’s find out what happened to your website, develop a kick-a strategy to get you back in and doing things the right way.