Google Penalizes Rap Genius For Bad Linking Strategies

TeamJEMSU, January 9, 2014

When it comes to finding a product, service or business online, most people turn to search engines like Google.   However,  most people never search past the first page results.  Which is why many companies turn to SEO firms to get their business ranked on the first page.  Now any seasoned SEO expert will tell you that there are certain tricks of the trade to achieve the desired results, but it takes time.

Recently a company named Rap Genuis attempted to cheat the SEO game. Rap Genius is a website that allows visitors to search for the meaining of their favorite rap songs, read lyrics and listen to the songs.   A great site for any rap enthusiast for sure.  In order to gain a quicker climb up the SEO ladder, Rap Genius employed a few link building tactics that Google frowns upon. While Rap Genius’ tactics worked for awhile, soon Google became wise to the seedy tactics and sent them to search engine obscurity.   How did Google penalize them exactly.

Well consider this.  Before Google set their wrath upon Rap Genius, when a person was searching for a lyric on Google, Rap Genius appears within the first six search results.   Afterwards, you could not find Rap Genius until at least the sixth page, even if you were searching for Rap Genius itself.  Experts claim that this backlash from Google could set Rap Genius back two years in the SEO world.

This of course was dire news for Rap Genius, and  in order to combat this they immediately issued an apology to Google, promising never to practices unethical linkbuilding again. After the apology it was bigons be bigons again with Google.  It will take some time for the site to slowly climb back up the ranks, as they become indexed by Google.   Bottom line:  only time will tell if Rap Genius will once again top the charts.


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