Google Introduces New Official Panda Changes

Chris Sams, January 23, 2013



Alright, Google has updated Panda, according to Google’s official Twitter profile, recent changes where made.

Not all need to worry as only a small percentage of English language inquires will be affected by these changes.

This will be the first update to Panda for the 2013 year, but have also found that consecutively the third change made within the last two years.

Google is on a path to reward high-quality sites. They have been changing their algorithm to cut out more and more spammers and bad content.

While Google has never confirmed or stated what is considered a “High Quality” site, they do have bullet points of what is not considered a good account.

Google’s changes over the years have not been liked by most webmaster as many have plummeted in their rankings. This decrease in visibility has resulted in loss of income for most and complete shut down of businesses for some.

Although Google has never taken any responsibility for many hurting businesses, they are finally giving a little more helpful guidance on what they are looking for in websites and what they are considering a quality site.

Google has also mentioned that although they have  official big updates, they have also changed minor tweaks here and there along the way. Many people have also taken to writing comments about the recent Google announcement as to stating why the teams at Google can’t figure out how to handle “scrapers.” These scrapers gain ranking without having to have created the original content themselves. Commenters go on to saying how Google should figure out how to weed out the one’s feeding of the originator of content.


Hopefully these changes haven’t effected you, but for those not following Google’s ever so changing guidelines, you may see some troubles with your rankings.  Good Luck!


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