Google+ Hangout On-Air Now Offers Features Like Your DVR, Better Mobile Streaming, and Instant Processing

TeamJEMSU, May 9, 2013

Google+ Hangout On-Air has been a great way to stream live broadcastings to its users. But, up until now it has worked much like an old television: You could only watch what is happening at that time and there wasn’t a feature that allowed you to go back, rewind, and see what you missed.  Or, you came into a situation where you just missed the video and wanted to watch it, but had to wait a long time for it to process. Well, this is now a thing of the past.  Google Hangout is now able to offer you the same services much like your DVR.  With great new features like rewind, quick processing, and immediate playback this is sure to get more users involved in a Hangout.  Also, for the mobile user, the experience has gotten better with faster processing which equals better quality.

The one hitch mobile users had was the lag time and low streaming quality which gave a poor performance for anyone using a mobile device. Now quality has risen to a level where those joining in on a Hangout with their phone or tablet can get the same quality as a desktop.  Now you will see a starting soon screen and an immediately stream of the broadcast as well. Before, you would have to refresh the page in order to know when the video has started.  So lots of new features on these Google Hangouts.

Google coincided the new features with the premiere of the first Ender’s Game trailer, which was announced during this live hangout:

Source: Google+ Hangouts-On-Air Now Feature Live Rewind, Instant Publishing

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