Google Glass Update - Explorers Announced and Developers Ready to Build Apps!

Chris Sams, April 11, 2013



Google Glass is getting closer to it’s consumer debut. Just a couple of weeks ago Google announced who will be beta testing out the hardware in their everyday lives called “Google Explorers.” These lucky individuals that where announced via Twitter and Google+ have a chance to purchase this amazing new product before Google the retail unveiling which is theorized to happen sometime at the end of the year.

Applicants where required to either submit a short video of themselves or pictures of themselves with a short statement telling Google why they deserve the opportunity to become part of this team of explorers who will test out the product before launch. After the announcements, Google sent out a piece of glass with a number on it representing the Google Explorer ID#.  The future explorers took to their camera phones and social media fairly quickly and shared their  Glass with world. glassglass

Google hopes to beta test their new product in hopes of pushing for consumer demand. As for for developers, SXSW was a big step for future Glass writers to see what type of language applications for glass will be written in.  HTTP and JSON will be the main languages for what Google calls timeline cards. These cards is the information of what will be displayed to the user for information on the fly through their everyday routine.


Google announced the Project Glass project short of two years ago. Now with just a couple of months before all eyes are on Google for a leap into a new market and maybe a new way of connecting technology into everyday life, can Google live up to the hype that is Project Glass? We shall see very soon.



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