Google: Formats that Prevail in Searches

Chris Sams, August 10, 2011

A recent study uncovered the formats and features on the web that earn ranking bonus points in Google. I tweeted a statement from a blog by Josh McCoy at Search Engine Watch this morning. The statement highlights several online elements that are being optimized today as SEO continues to evolve. SEO is no longer solely based on ranking a webpage. Rather, website owners and online marketers should also make sure that the rankings of “images, video, news, shopping results, locality, and rich snippets” are also being utilized to draw traffic to a site.

Sitemaps are the starting point for the optimization of images, video, and so forth. Google also has a formatting preference for effective and efficient Googlebot crawling of websites: XML. XML stands for Extensible Markup Language, which is a machine-readable text. By using XML, a website can more readily be crawled by Google and enhance its authority in order to receive higher rankings.

Another article I stumbled upon this morning covered a study that was conducted by Searchmetrics. The study discovered that images, video, and shopping are earning high rankings alongside actual linked content. This means that non-linked material is finding its way into rankings and search results; therefore, beholding the potential of driving online users to your sites. It is obvious that online users enjoy the entertaining and visual components of images and videos; therefore videos and images can receive better click-through-ratings by online users.

All things considered, SEO is spreading across the spectrum of online and website elements. Instead of considering this as an obstacle for websites optimization, we see this as an opportunity to broaden the potential success of our clients’ SEO results. After all, we are here to produce results and get your site ranked!

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