Google+ falls in line with companies like Facebook with account sign-in's

Chris Sams, February 26, 2013




Today, Google has announced that they will be offering the ever so popular sign-in feature that Facebook and Twitter have already integrated into today’s many websites & mobile applications. This is a big step for Google as Google+ is becoming more and more popular with users. Google has been pushing it’s Google+ visibility more and more, and has integrated it with it’s other popular widgets like Google Places. As users, we are seeing more and more of our information also appearing on Google+ automatically or Google asking us to feature more of our content on your Google+ profile.

Now, with Google+ Sign-in’s and also In-App postings, which will allow the user to feature products, companies, or whatever content they like to their Google+ profile with a push of a button all within the third-party application they are using. Google will be partnering with more and more companies as they are rolling out this feature to current partners and of course to developers with an open-source API.

Here is an example of a new company using Google’s new Sign-In feature and In-App Postings on their website and mobile App. Enjoy!

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