Google Chrome 25 New Features Will Include Encrypted Omnibox

Chris Sams, January 24, 2013



Google Chrome 25 will soon automatically encrypt web searches sent to Google through its Omnibox.

This will be an SSL Encryption that will automatically happen no matter if your signed in or not. The Omnibox, for those that don’t know, is the box area where you type in the URL. This information already did automatically get sent to Google, but like Firefox and Safari, will be encrypted for security.

Past Google web browers did this encryption automatically when the user was logged into his/her account, but now with Chrome 25 will have the ability to encrypt even if your just a guest browsing.

Though Google is now just introducing this feature for the general Omnibox dedicated to the browser, Google has been for sometime now encrypting information typed into the Omnibox on the Google website.

This would raise the question if this new feature will slow down performance? But, according to Google, performance will stay the same. In fact, Google is also stating that in most cases this new feature might improve performance across the board.

Google right now has the new Chrome 25 in Beta mode as it works out all the bugs. The new Chrome 25 will be in stable mode very soon and ready for launch in Q1 of this year. All users will be notified of update when its released.

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