Google+ Can Boost Rankings

TeamJEMSU, July 29, 2011

Search Engine Land‘s Editor-in-Chief published an article earlier this week discussing how Google+ is using its networking ability to help the rankings of a users “friends.” For example, if you are friends with a particular brand or company on Google+ and you perform a search, the brand or company will rank high within your results. Google refers to this as Social Search.

Currently, Google+ does not permit businesses and brands to have accounts on the social site; however, a few of the major companies have slipped through the cracks. It is rumored that Google will allow brands to have profiles by the end of third quarter this year. After brand profiles are permitted, it is speculated that brands with a high number of friends and contacts can receive impressive ranking boosts with Google.

Until brands can create Google+ profiles, Google is heavily advocating its +1 button, which is the search engine’s response to Facebook’s “Like” button. The +1 button allows users to approve of a site after performing a search so that friends and other contacts can share all of their favorite online finds. Receiving a Google +1 vote shows to improve brand rankings as well. The SEO possibilities are endless with Google.

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