In order to have a strong online presence it is very important to know where traffic on your website is coming from, how long stays and last but not least where do they go while it is there. Google has a great free program called Google Analytics, which has become a must for online success. To know who is visiting your website and what has led them there is crucial for any advertisement campaign.

Now, Google Analytic provides a very in-depth look at this and if you do not have previous training on this, the amount of data and information thrown at you by this program could become very overwhelming. But with the correct amount of training from a Denver marketing company this could be the tool that sets you apart from competitors. The main idea behind this program is to track visitor’s from all referrers, including search engines, display advertising, pay per click advertisement, e-mail marketing and digital collateral such as links within PDF documents. In conjunction with Adwords, users can review their online campaign by tracking landing page quality and conversations. These conversations or goals might include sales, lead generation, viewing of a specific page and downloading a particular file. Google Analytics marketers can determine which tools are working for their website and which are not, adjusting their campaign accordingly. To summarize, this amazing product gives you a high level of dashboard type data to determine not only the quantity but more importantly the quality of visitor and a very detailed insight on adjustments needed to be made to have a successful campaign.

Search Engine Optimization companies have rapidly learned the benefits of this program should all by now have adapted this tool to their technique in order to get a better understanding of their clients business and audience. For more details on Google Analytics consult you Denver SEO compay.