Good Design Solves Problems

TeamJEMSU, January 21, 2013

Good design is good communication. It invites people to look at the world in different ways, to understand a complex problem in new or simplified way, to engage in conversations on a societal level. Good design begins with asking probing questions, with brainstorming and looking at ideas from multiple angles, of sifting through mountains of information and creating new approaches. Good design begins with good thinking. Putting in the hours to learn Photoshop techniques and having a good aesthetic sensibility alone will not make a designer great. The best training programs offer instruction in critical thinking strategies. Learning how to approach a project is even more important than learning how to make it look beautiful.

At JEMSU™, we begin new web design projects with comprehensive kickoff meetings. By interviewing the client, we gather information about the history and purpose of their business. We discover what sets them apart from their competition, who the target market is, how their customers typically find them, how they want to be portrayed in the market, etc. By developing a complete picture of who they are, our design team can begin the project with the right goals in mind, knowing clearly what problems we need to solve and what success would look like. Contact us to learn more about how great design can help your business.

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