As you can see from our media kits we represent both national and local clients. Typical results for our clients is to get them in 3-6 months into one of the top three positions and maintain them in those top positions over the long term. Because of that, SEO Denver only take three clients in each category. I believe we have just taken on a new firm in your category (elder law, estate law, etc) and there are only two left.

Here is what we do for your firm:

Keyword Research We work with you to develop a profile for the types of clients that you want in your practice. We then help you choose and prioritize keywords that will produce those clients in sufficient numbers to make our collaboration very profitable for you.

Meta keyword and  coding mark up/optimization These are the on-page visible and invisible coding, placement and keyword strategies that we employ to bring you the right kind of clients in sufficient numbers and to help you convert those visitors to clients.

Social Media Reference Development Denver SEO work on your behalf to gain what Google calls relevance and authority from outside sources in the Social Media World, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.  Increasingly that also means Google’s own social media and cooperating platforms.


Strategic Link Development We promote, foster and place links from other sources to your website to gain what is called authority by Google. The efficacy and ethics involved with this directly change your results. We are masters at effectively promoting your firm and know how to keep your results coming in without getting “slapped”, “banned” or “blacklisted” by the search engines for using unethical “blackhat” magic strategies. We only use ethical “whitehat” strategies.

• Bookmarking & Directory Services We make sure that you are listed in as many places as possible that are appropriate for your firm, from Google, Yahoo and Bing to services like Foursquare and Citysearch,  from large databases like INFOUSA, to Dunn and Bradstreet and other smaller databases, from sites like Mapquest to the Magellans, TomToms and automobile factory GPS listings of the world and hundreds more you wouldn’t think of. Each of these listings makes your credibility (and score) with Google, Bing and Yahoo and the others go up and your visibility with the public increases.


• Google Place Listing and Optimization   We implement four strategies with your Google Place listing that synergistically raises your score with both Google Places and your organic SEO listings:

  1. We make sure your listing is properly claimed, completely filled out, worded and optimized so that it is more visible and supports the score of your organic listing and the Google Place listing.
  2. The bookmarking and directory services through our actions as listed above list your firm with its specialties and personalities noted in the Google Place listing, the other search engines and in the organic Google listing. Google calls these “certifications” and they enhance your firm’s authority, relevance and rank. In Google Place and your SEO ranking.
  3. We show you how to gather, support and foster reviews that are appropriate for your firm and propagate them to raise your Google Place ranking.
  4. We link and cross-link your Google Place listing with your website to synergistically raise your rank in both the Google Place listing and the organic SEO listing.

All of these strategies also raise your visibility and ranking in the other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc. Their algorithms mimic Google and raising your Google ranking generally raises the ranking for them also.