So you’ve started your business, you are moved into your office, studio, etc. and you are ready to start bringing in customers other than your one regular, your mom.  Well Google has come up with a great way to display your business online.  This is a fantastic way, in the Denver marketing field, to get your business noticed and make people realize they want to come in to your office.

This new project is called Business Photos Pilot Program.  The goal of this program is to provide business owners a chance to get pictures of their business posted online in clear beautiful photographs that can be viewed in 360 degrees.  You might be thinking, ok that is great that pictures of my business will be up online for people to take an almost virtual tour, but what is that really going to do for my business? These 360 degree pictures will appear when anyone searches for your business on Google Maps or a regular Google search.  This type of advertising can be great for your business because many times people want to see the salon, restaurant, or showroom they are going to before they commit to going to it.  How many times have you looked up an address for a business, found they have a pretty great website, and then when you get to the store it is a pigsty that looks nothing like the website pictures?  This happens more often than you think to consumers and most people hate it.

So if you are interested in getting photos of your business up on this new Google program you can go about it several ways.  Talk a local Denver SEO company to see if they offer any deals in doing this.  They often have the expertise to get it done quickly and efficiently so you can start getting customers that much faster.